Mar. 13th, 2017


Mar. 13th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Nightfall sneaked up on me, as it usually does the first few evenings of Daylight Saving time. I kept thinking it was around seven o'clock, and here it is past eight already. I need to get the wheelie bins out for tomorrow's trash pickup. Then I have to think of what to have for dinner. There's too much stuff to choose from, and that makes deciding more difficult.

The one thing that's out of the question tonight is the brisket of corned beef, because it's too late to start cooking that. It will keep, though. I think the expiration date is something like May 30. It is something I'd only buy once a year, even if it was more often available in the stores. It just doesn't seem like March to me if there isn't a boiled dinner.

It's been so nice having the windows open all day again, though the usual rude awakening has arrived. All winter I think about how nice spring will be, and then spring shows up and I sit on the back porch with a glass of iced tea, and the bees buzz around my head and I swat at them and then give up and go back indoors. Meanwhile, I get bouts of sneezing from the sudden arrival of the pollen. Ah, well, I had all that pleasure thinking about spring. It's unreasonable of me to expect the reality to equal the fantasy.

The sneezing will be temporary, though, as tomorrow is the last warm day, and then after several days of clouds more rain could arrive early next week. It probably won't interfere with my shopping trip, but even if it does it will be worth it to get the yard watered for free. It is amazing how rapidly the ground has dried during this warm spell, and the dry air has totally desiccated my nose— except when I sneeze, of course.

I'd better go fix dinner before I'm tempted to eat a candy bar.


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