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Aside from a couple of brief downpours that became quite fierce, and one of which included a mass of hail, the rain today was not very impressive. It was intermittent, and mostly of the sprinkle or drizzle variety. Nevertheless, it did water the plants, and so I was glad to have it. The hailstorm brought the only thunder I heard all day.

The rain is apt to continue tomorrow, but will be colder and even less vigorous, so there'll probably be no more thunder. It's supposed to get windier, though, and as today was pretty windy at times that could be a problem. The back porch will most likely get soaked, and there's always the chance of a falling tree taking out the power.

The drain in the kitchen sink has been fixed, and I can catch up on washing dishes. I could also cook something, but I've frittered the day away on the Internets and it's getting late. Oh, fritters would be nice. But no, I think I'll have to microwave something again. I am quite without energy tonight, and my mind keeps blanking on me. I doubt I'd have the attention span to do any sustained cookery anyway.

Earth moves really fast. Are we anywhere yet?
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Our Vernal Equinox was overcast and eventually drizzly. Highly appropriate to the year. But it turns out that the Vernal Equinox (or, in the southern hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox) is also World Happiness Day, which is the day an agency of the United Nations releases the annual World Happiness Report. This seems like it would be a rather thin paper (in paper form) but it can be downloaded as pdf's (and there are also some online supplements) so paper thinness can be ignored. I haven't gotten around to reading it yet, and might never if it starts out too depressing. One of the last things I need is a happiness report that makes me unhappy.

I didn't celebrate World Happiness Day myself (and totally forgot to buy gifts for anybody) as I was busy dealing with another drain clog in the kitchen, and keeping a mean feral cat from attacking my nice feral cats. I was also sleeping for quite a bit, and then futzing about on the Internets and being very much aware that said Internets expands much faster than I can peruse it, which is not at all conducive to happiness. I think what I have to do to get happy is to convince myself that I can safely ignore almost all of it. But the fact that I've linked to part of it in this very entry, and even the fact that I am writing this entry, is filling me with guilty unhappiness that I am actually perpetuating its frustration-inducing, Topsy-like growth. Internet 103000, Joe 0.

In the current forecast it looks like I won't get a day when I can leave my windows open again until a week from this coming Wednesday. In the meantime I'll be drinking hot tea and cocoa, as though winter had not left at all. Winter can't let the door hit its ass on the way out because it hasn't even gone through the doorway. I like the daily coolness, but I could do without the furnace-firing nocturnal cold. I'm going to need that money next month, and hate wasting it on heating fuel.

If I'm not around tomorrow it will probably be the result of a power outage brought on by an electrical storm. Either that or I'll have finally convinced myself that I don't need Internets after all. Hah! Like that will ever happen!


Mar. 19th, 2017 08:18 pm
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The shopping is out of the way for another week. I now have salsa verde Tostitos (if my nephew doesn't find and eat them all) and some Sierra Nevada Beer Camp IPA (if my nephew doesn't come around and drink them all.) I find I need junk food right now. It helps break the tedium of waiting for spring. Officially it starts tomorrow, but it doesn't feel like it yet.

One of my azalea plants decided to stop waiting and has produced three white flowers. They look rather forlorn amid the scruffy leaves and twigs. I suppose any bees that show up will be happy to have them, though— once the upcoming gray and chilly week is over.

The next three days are expected to bring another three inches or so of rain, and then more rain will arrive toward the end of the week. It will be at least ten days before I can sit on the back porch with a cold drink again, but at least my yard is still getting watered for free. That will partly offset the expense of running the furnace on those cold nights we'll be having.

But how my mind blanks anymore. What was that thought that grazed my brain and flew from sight? I'll probably never know. All that's left is the shape of its absence.

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Mar. 18th, 2017 05:01 pm
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No post yesterday, and I'm blaming Ireland. Most of the time I put off dinner until a fairly late hour because eating tends to make me groggy anymore. Last night I ate a bit earlier, and it was a big pot of corned beef and cabbage. And what is corned beef and cabbage without a couple of extra drinks to go with it? So naturally I fell asleep on the couch around eight o'clock and never got around to posting a journal entry. I did wake up before midnight, but was so groggy that I didn't bother to write anything then either, and soon went back to sleep. Then I slept off an on most of the night and into the morning.

When I finally woke up and went outside I found that the overcast sky was gently sprinkling, and it has continued to do so almost all day. This is supposed to end before tomorrow afternoon, so I should probably be okay going shopping. But the latest forecast has several days of rain possible over the next week. Good for the plants, not so much for the feral cats. They've had to put up with an awful lot of wetness this year. Tuesday and Wednesday they might have to put up with thunderstorms, which they do not like at all. But March thunderstorms are a sure sign of spring's immanent arrival in these parts. As long as the lightning doesn't set anything on fire or cause a power outage or any electronic-damaging surges, I'm okay with it. Yay spring, especially with pollen-dampening rain.

Sadly, when I fell asleep early I failed to get the pot of leftovers into the refrigerator. The chunk of meat was wrapped and chilled, but the remaining cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and liquid sat out all night. I should probably dispose of them, as there's no telling what might have started growing in them. It's too bad. I was going to try using some of the juice in making corned beef hash, which is something I've never made successfully and I've begun to think it's because I always cook the leftover meat down with water. Maybe I'll just pick up some rye bread tomorrow and only make sandwiches of it this year.

The drizzle means I'm not sneezing today. The oaks have finally sprouted leaves, and new growth is visible on the lilac bushes and the walnut tree, so masses of pollen are coming soon. I'm hoping we get a few days of dry and warmer weather so the walnut tree gets pollinated properly this year. The poor crop last year was most likely the result of untimely rain. I'd rather have a few days of extra sneezing and a good supply of walnuts for winter. As for the other plants, to hell with them. If they don't feed me they've got no call to make me sneeze.


Mar. 16th, 2017 10:59 pm
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Damn. Naps, old movies and Internets ate my whole damned day (except for the last hour which television will now eat.)

I should eat something myself, before I faint.
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It occurs to me that it has been quite some time since I have celebrated the appearance of (or lamented the absence of) British people murdering one another on television. I suppose the daily sight of the UK (and the United States) committing suicide has caused mere fictional offerings to pale by comparison, but tonight I would enjoy seeing one of those classic, homicidal entertainments. Alas, none are offered. I do still watch them when they are on, and a local PBS affiliate has been running some on Friday nights, but nothing new has appeared for quite a while. I'll be glad to see them return, for as long as Britain (and PBS) still exist.

This evening, in lieu of murder, I was able to make do with an airing of the old movie version of Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit. Ghosts and mediums are almost as entertaining as murder victims and detectives, at least now and then. I doubt I'd enjoy a steady diet of them, though, even if they were all populated with people as amusing as Noel Coward's characters are.

Considerably less amusing than any Noel Coward play was my activity this afternoon. On finishing an overdue washing of last night's dishes, I remembered that I wanted to clean that screen that covers the fan vent above my range. Into the used dishwater it went, but it turned out to have accumulated so much grease since my last washing of it that the suds vanished far too soon. I then decided to soak it in hot water, white vinegar, and baking soda. This combination is one of the finest de-greasers known, and it did do its job fairly well despite the fact that I was rather short on the two active ingredients. I'll have to buy more of them, so I can give the device another, better cleaning soon.

The clouds returned today, keeping it pleasantly cool, but also encouraging neighbors to burn things in their fireplaces once again as soon as the even chillier evening came on. The fires will burn down once their builders have gone to sleep, and I'll be able to go out and listen to the frogs without inhaling dead tree carbon, though not without a bit of shivering.

In the meantime I intend to eat some microwaved Chinese food with a few fish sticks that I will douse with soy sauce and a bit of horseradish mustard, just to remind me (vaguely) of the fried shrimp we used to get at the China Doll, the Cantonese-American restaurant of my parents' choice during my childhood. I'm feeling unduly nostalgic tonight. Ah, the pale, incandescent street lamps of Valley Boulevard in the vanished past! Now there are ghosts I'd love to see.
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It was Pi Day but I had no pi. I had a chiropractic adjustment, which went reasonably well considering how long it has been since the last one. There'll be another in four weeks, which ought to go easier. In the meantime I've got spring to deal with, which means vigorous, pollen-induced sneezes could undo the adjustment if I'm not careful. I'll be careful.

Last night is a bit hazy, but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before midnight. I recall waking up a few times, but never enough to turn off the television, which means I saw snatches of things that got jumbled together in my mind so that I now have a false memory of some rock band singing the news report.

The thing that finally woke me up about six o'clock in the dark morning was the sound of footsteps on my driveway. Loud, clopping steps like hobnailed boots, and in my dazed state I pictured storm troopers coming to steal stuff from my garage and expected to hear that rock band sing about it on the news.

Then I woke up enough to go turn on the porch light and look outside, but I saw nobody. It then dawned on me that nobody wears footgear that makes that sound anymore, least of all Nazi burglars, and it hit me that I had been visited by a deer. I haven't seen one in such a longtime that I was very sorry to have missed seeing this one.

And now I am going to go cobble together some sort of food-like substances and devour them mostly as an excuse to have a beer. It's a mild night again, and the frogs are singing in the stream vale, and I'll listen to them for while in lieu of television. Unless the sixteen hours I've been awake proves too much for me and I pass out on the couch again. Then another band singing the news most likely. Such a life.


Mar. 13th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Nightfall sneaked up on me, as it usually does the first few evenings of Daylight Saving time. I kept thinking it was around seven o'clock, and here it is past eight already. I need to get the wheelie bins out for tomorrow's trash pickup. Then I have to think of what to have for dinner. There's too much stuff to choose from, and that makes deciding more difficult.

The one thing that's out of the question tonight is the brisket of corned beef, because it's too late to start cooking that. It will keep, though. I think the expiration date is something like May 30. It is something I'd only buy once a year, even if it was more often available in the stores. It just doesn't seem like March to me if there isn't a boiled dinner.

It's been so nice having the windows open all day again, though the usual rude awakening has arrived. All winter I think about how nice spring will be, and then spring shows up and I sit on the back porch with a glass of iced tea, and the bees buzz around my head and I swat at them and then give up and go back indoors. Meanwhile, I get bouts of sneezing from the sudden arrival of the pollen. Ah, well, I had all that pleasure thinking about spring. It's unreasonable of me to expect the reality to equal the fantasy.

The sneezing will be temporary, though, as tomorrow is the last warm day, and then after several days of clouds more rain could arrive early next week. It probably won't interfere with my shopping trip, but even if it does it will be worth it to get the yard watered for free. It is amazing how rapidly the ground has dried during this warm spell, and the dry air has totally desiccated my nose— except when I sneeze, of course.

I'd better go fix dinner before I'm tempted to eat a candy bar.


Mar. 12th, 2017 09:30 pm
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The big moon, having risen into the clear part of the sky, makes the lone streetlight on the next block and the back porch light of the house across the alley seem small and dim. the beam of my flashlight is paled almost to invisibility on the moonlit ground. The frogs are croaking loudly, and mingled with their chorus is the chirp of single night bird I can't identify.

The cool air smells of spring. Buds are beginning to appear on the walnut and mulberry trees, but none of the oaks has yet shown signs of leafing out. Any day now I'm sure they will. I'm thinking of that pale green they'll have, so much lighter than the dense green of the sprouting grass.

There won't be many more mornings this season like today's was, with wood smoke flowing from chimneys and hazing the air and scenting it with its acrid harshness. Winter is on the wane. The vernal equinox is little more than a week away. As reminders, three camellias are pressed against my window screen, and dozens more are ready to bloom. I left the windows open all afternoon, and didn't close them until six o'clock. Tonight neither of the feral cats are in the back yard. They must be off exploring, enjoying the mild, bright night. I think I'll go out and enjoy it for a while myself.

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Mar. 11th, 2017 10:46 pm
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Well, last night and this morning brought me an unexpected ten hours of sleep. Making up for lost time, I guess. I hope I'm caught up for the next few days, so I can shop tomorrow and go to the chiropractor on Tuesday without any sleep-related weirdness interfering. It was also mild enough to allow me about five hours of having the windows open this afternoon. The house is a lot less stale and stuffy now. The next few days will be much the same, and after that it will get cooler again, but not really cold. Also there is no rain predicted for the next ten days. Wouldn't you know, I'm starting to miss it.

I was just reminded that Daylight Saving time starts at two o'clock this morning. I still have a couple of clocks that have to be set by hand, but the one I use most is the one on the cable box, which will reset itself. I just have to be paying attention tomorrow so I remember that the others are wrong.

It's likely that I'm still suffering some muddleheadedness from the recent sleep disruptions, as my mind keeps wandering off on its own. It will be lucky if coyotes don't get it. In the meantime I've got a bit of headache again tonight, which I hope the chiropractic adjustment Tuesday will take care of. It's very distracting.

Now I am going to microwave a burrito. I was going to make macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight, but my milk went prematurely bad a couple of days ago and I haven't been able to replace it yet. The closest thing I'd have to substitute would be vanilla ice cream, and somehow I don't think that would be very good. Now, if I still had some pistachio....
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What the strangeness? My pear-shaped sleep returned today, with an unintentional afternoon nap that didn't end until after nine o'clock. I can't even remember when I fell asleep, but it was while the sun was still up and the day fairly mild. I left two windows open, and when I woke chilly night air was pouring in to the back room.

I got sufficiently focused to feed the cats, but the inevitable disorientation of displaced sleep lingers. The still-bare trees are casting their moon-induced shadows across the back lawn and up the wall of the house, but at least they have let go of the roof. It's all very eerie, and I'd rather the disruption hadn't happened, but there it is.

As I'll be muddled for the next few hours there's no point in trying to explain anything to myself. It would be a stupid explanation and wouldn't make any sense if I later read it. Mere oblique description will have to be sufficient. Looking into my brain right now is like watching clothes tumble in a dryer in a laundromat in Beaumont Texas in 1959. Whatever the hell that means.

In this state watching television is about the only thing that doesn't tax my brain. I'm not even going to try to figured out what to have for the dinner I missed. I'm not especially hungry anyway. Perhaps I devoured a cat in my sleep. If I get hungry sometime tonight I can always make some popcorn. Or maybe I'll get lucky and go back to sleep and won't have to deal with anything until tomorrow.

Oh buggerdash.


Mar. 9th, 2017 10:59 pm
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I seem to have skipped dinner again. But I did call my chiropractor's office and found that he is going to be doing afternoon appointments again, and I got one for next Tuesday, and the odds are good that an adjustment will get rid of the low-grade headaches I've been getting lately. Then I might be able to focus my thoughts (such as they are) a bit better. Low grade headaches are very distracting. Especially when one has skipped dinner, which I intend to unskip momentarily.

But first, I found that Lapham's Quarterly, a magazine beyond my budget, is on (gasp!) Facebook, of all places. I'm so delighted to find them there that I'm even able to overlook the inevitable Facebook Look of the pages (seriously one of the unsightliest of web sites.) Once one clicks the links to their own web site, though things get better, as in this page with its disturbing yet evocative Monet graphic. Anyway, now I've got a new corner of the Internets to explore (as though it hadn't already swallowed me whole, like Jonah sliding down the whale's gullet.)

Oh, and it was warm today and the windows were open three full hours. Fresh!


Mar. 8th, 2017 07:53 pm
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So I remembered to call the chiropractor today, but it turns out that he is only in the office three days a week now, and Wednesday isn't one of them, so I still don't have an appointment. As he only works three hours a day, it is apt to take a very long time to get an appointment. If I can remember two days in a row, and I'm awake at the right time, I'll call again tomorrow. With luck I might get an adjustment sometime before the end of April.

As predicted, it was almost balmy again today, but the most notable change in the forecast is that it will get much warmer than previously expected over the next few days, and Sunday could get all the way up to 74 degrees. That's definitely spring. It also means I get to have my windows open for a few hours, possibly even as early as Friday, when it will be 71. It's going to be nice to have the house aired out. It's been stuffy in here for so long.

Of course it also means that allergy season is almost upon me. I'd better check my supply of tissues, as there is bound to be sneezing. There will also be bees. I had one buzzing me on the back porch this afternoon, and their numbers will probably burgeon rapidly. Also, despite a prediction of more rain being possible a week from tomorrow, I might have to do some irrigating to make sure the plants don't start withering almost before they've begun to grow. That will be about ten days without rain, and with the warmer days the ground could dry out pretty fast.

I'll also have to give some attention to the leaves that I've left on the back lawn all winter. They are scattered,not a thick blanket, but the grass would still probably prefer to get full sunshine. Maybe I'll rake them tomorrow, if I get out there before the day gets too warm for such exertion.

Oh, rats. I just remembered I didn't check the supermarket ads yet today. I should do that before I go off to see what the television has on it. Then the computer will want a nap, considering that I forgot to turn it off last night and it has now been running since yesterday afternoon. I'm glad I'm not a computer belonging to the likes of me.


Mar. 7th, 2017 10:49 pm
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Compared to the last few days it felt almost balmy out today, and probably will feel balmy tomorrow, though still only by comparison. Tonight is noticeably less chilly than last night at this time, too. The feral cats' water bowls will definitely not freeze tonight. Later in the week will come warmish days, so I expect to start expecting spring.

Most of the ground cover plants have already grown out, so they must think spring has already arrived. There could be leaf buds on the oak trees by early next week. A few days of sustained warmth is usually enough to bring them out, and it's supposed to get into the mid to upper sixties for five days starting Thursday.

I definitely have to get an appointment with my chiropractor. Not only is my neck catching more and more, but I'm getting headaches and nausea. The problem is remembering to call for an appointment while the office is open. Morning, even when I'm awake, is not a time when I function well, so I keep forgetting. Having a headache should be a reminder, but so far it hasn't been. It makes me go back to sleep to forget the discomfort.

Now it's microwave dinner time. The headache nausea makes it difficult to think about eating, but if I don't eat the nausea will just get worse.

Warming Due

Mar. 6th, 2017 08:56 pm
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There was a bit of snow in the air when I went outside just before dawn this morning, but only a little on the ground, and both vanished not long after the sun rose. As the weather decided to be a rerun after that, I went back to sleep after a couple of hours futzing around in the house. The day looked pretty much the same when I woke up again this afternoon, so I'm sure I didn't miss anything. It was so overcast that there were no shadows, and I couldn't even tell the sun was in in a different part of the sky.

Something else that has vanished is this weeks prediction of rain. The current forecast is not only saying it's getting warmer and dry, but that the high could get up to 69 degrees on Friday. Friday is too far out to be certain, but if it happens it will make a nice change. Maybe the rose bushes will get a bit of fresh growth to replace the stuff they lost to the recent freezing nocturnal temperatures. They looked pretty bad today. Hopefully the next storms (due next Monday) won't bring such icy air with them.

For dinner I have to work around the missing stuff I forgot to buy Sunday when I lost my shopping list. It has me puzzled. When I'm hungry I don't like to improvise. I'm considering digging in to the stash of frozen entrees I keep on hand. It's getting pretty late to be fixing anything else anyway. That's mostly thanks to the split-shift sleeping, but also to being distracted by the Internets for such a long time today. And I've totally forgotten what most of those distractions were. I wonder if we've all died and the Internet is purgatory? Nah, too much porn on it.


Mar. 5th, 2017 06:24 pm
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Though there wasn't much in the way of rain today, on several occasions there were brief falls of hail, and a few times I saw snowflakes drifting down. The forecast says there's a possibility of snow here between midnight and eight o'clock tomorrow morning, but as all such predictions so far this year have come to nothing I won't count on seeing it, even if I'm awake, which I might not be. Too little sleep again last night, and a tiring day going off to the markets.

It was a near disaster, as I lost my list somewhere between the car and the first store, and couldn't find it when I retraced my steps. There was no time to go home and reconstruct it, so I had to rely on memory— a chancy strategy even at the best of times. Since returning home I have recalled one item in particular I'd wanted but forgot, and there are undoubtedly others. I picked up a couple of things I know were not on the list, but still spent slightly less money than I'd expected. Forgetting ones list is one way to economize, I suppose, but I wouldn't recommend it.

If forgetting things was an Olympic event I'd be gold.

Now I'm going to eat something because I'm pretty sure I'll be falling asleep early tonight, and I hate to sleep on an empty stomach. Especially my own.

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Mar. 4th, 2017 11:29 pm
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The rain arrived this afternoon, and has been dribbling or pouring down ever since. There has been some wind with it, but not enough to entirely soak my back porch yet, for which I'm sure the feral cats are grateful. It's expected to get pretty fierce before the storm is over, though. There could be a break of a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon, and if there is that's when I'll go shopping. If not, I'll have to wait until Monday. It's best if I'm not delayed, though, as I need a couple of things for the dinner I have in mind for tomorrow night.

I keep forgetting to go check the mailbox anymore. I can't remember for sure, but I think the last time I went out was almost a week ago. The mail carrier is going to think I'm dead and call the police if I let stuff keep piling up in there. I wish I'd remembered to go check it before the rain started today, but I should probably go now lest whatever is in there gets soaked. The box is a bit leaky.

Portia is being restless tonight and keeps pestering me for attention. She's got plenty of food. Maybe she needs her litter box cleaned out. That's another thing I keep forgetting. My sense of smell isn't as acute as it once was, or that would be something I'd never forget. If I had more money I'd get one of those self-cleaning litter boxes. As long as they don't connect to the Internet, that is. The whole Internet of Things thing worries me. How do I know my refrigerator isn't making rude tweets about my eating habits on some AI network only the machines know about. I'd hate to think my television and computer and oven were snickering at me. I hope nobody ever builds a smart toilet. Quelle horreur!


Mar. 3rd, 2017 09:02 pm
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The clouds for tomorrow's rain slowly gathered this afternoon, accompanied by a low haze that softened the landscape. It was a bit like walking through a rather morose impressionist painting. Tonight it is turning cold, but I still hear frogs croaking along the stream to the east. Someone is burning an old log in their fireplace, and it is giving the air an unpleasantly musty quality. I'll be staying indoors anyway, and probably going to sleep pretty early.

I slept more last night than I did the night before, but I've still be up since seven o'clock. I went to sleep sometime around midnight, but though I woke a couple of times I never got the television turned off, so when I woke up the morning news show was on and I saw The Trump's face. I need some sort of device that knows when I've fallen asleep and will turn the machine off, so that sort of thing won't happen again.

It's time for me to microwave. I think there's a movie on I'd like to see. I hope I don't fall asleep before it's over.


Mar. 2nd, 2017 07:15 pm
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Well, the chance of snow on Monday has been canceled, and the week overall will be less cold than previously predicted, but there are still three rainy days in a row starting Saturday. I wasn't able to arrange transportation for shopping tomorrow, so either I'll risk getting wet or I won't be able to go until Tuesday. There's supposed to be less than an inch each of those days, and Saturday will be the wettest, so maybe I'll get lucky and it will be dry while I'm going through the parking lots.

I'm hearing coyotes yelping in the ex-orchard again this evening. They have probably been enjoying the pleasant weather as much as I have. It's also their breeding season, which runs from December through March, peaking around February, so the calls I've been hearing could be related to that. If so, the pack I've been hearing could be weaker than many, or perhaps more adventurous, or they would probably not have ended up in this risky territory full of humans, but also many tasty pets. But they most likely got driven here by packs with more aggressive Alpha males, as the males become especially territorial during the mating season.

Once again I'm short of sleep. As near as I can remember, I fell asleep somewhere around midnight last night, then woke up before five o'clock this morning, and haven't had a nap. I'll be lucky to stay awake until midnight tonight, so there's no telling when I'll wake up in the morning. In fact I could fall asleep at nine and wake up at midnight. I miss having a regular sleep schedule, but nothing I've tried has been able to restore it.

Something for dinner, if I can keep my eyes open. I have no idea what.
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March came in like a sleepy kitten. While it wasn't exactly warm, it wasn't really cold either. It would have been a nice day for a walk, but I'm out of the habit of walking and lacked the energy to do anything about it. It wasn't a good day for a nap, being a bit too chilly in the house, so I didn't take one, even though I've been pretty much like a sleepy kitten myself all day. Now I'm more like a finicky cat, because I can't decide what to eat for dinner. Nothing appeals to me. Maybe that's a sign that I should dig around in the larder to see if I've got something that is unappealing and I need to get rid of. This might be my best chance.

The big surprise in the weather forecast today is another prediction of snow, for Monday. It's only a 58% chance, and it is from six o'clock to nine o'clock in the morning, and less than an inch is predicted, but I suppose it could happen. Aside from that, next week looks to be mostly wet. I am so over the wet. I mean I'd like rain to fall well into spring, but not day after day after day. Once or twice a week would be nice.

Once again I've totally forgotten to check the market web sites and make out my shopping list. Internets are just too full of distractions. I'd better do that now, before I forget again. I don't think there's anything I'd want to see on television right now anyway.


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