Jan. 1st, 2017


Jan. 1st, 2017 07:04 pm
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It was barely light when I woke, though somewhere the other side of the gray sky the sun had been up for almost an hour. The air was full of mist which later turned to rain. Now and then the rain would be mixed with small crystals of ice that made a sound like blown sand as they hit the carpet of dead leaves that still litters the lawn. Chill breezes made the pine trees sway, and the pavement glistened. In short, it was a perfect winter morning and thus a splendid way to start the year.

This evening there was fog, and then we had some blustery wind, but the rain has not increased or diminished in all this time; the same, slow, steady fall persists. There is some chance that it will turn to snow tonight, but if it does it won't be a very heavy fall. The next ten days are all likely to bring at least a bit of rain, and some of them may bring quite a bit. Though they are unlikely to bring snow at this elevation, there could be a decent accumulation in the mountains, which is good news. If winter continues thus there will be plenty of water next summer.

I'm still using the laptop, which is putting a strain on my neck, which I can't afford since my chiropractor will not be available until February. There's a chance I'll get a replacement desktop tomorrow and can go back to a screen that is the right height for me (and large enough to see without breathing on it and fogging it up.) Setting it up will probably be a long job, though, so I might not get around to doing much else. And right now I'm ready to go watch television and give my neck a rest.

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