Jan. 20th, 2017


Jan. 20th, 2017 12:10 am
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After sleeping late, I indulged myself with an extra donut this afternoon. It was not a birthday donut, just a rainy day donut. I totally forgot that it was my birthday until I looked at Farcebook and saw all the birthday greetings. If it weren't for Farcebook I'd have no idea how old I was. Thanks, Zuckerberg.

The rain I got this evening probably wasn't birthday rain, either. It was probably just heaven weeping. As far as presents go, I did get the best one imaginable, which is that there still hasn't been a power outage despite the blustery weather. Tomorrow could be different, of course. The weather map shows the storm extending out into the Pacific, and it's all headed this way. There might be no respite until Monday.

Oh, I did stumble on another present. For the last several days I've been unable to get any volume out of YouTube videos. Vimeo and other video web sites were still okay, but at YouTube I could barely hear them, even with my speakers and the controls on the computer cranked all the way up. I suspect YouTube itself of choking the sound for free users. Then I found VDYouTube, which, despite its rather disturbing name, allows me to control my volume once again.

It's supposed to be a service that lets you download video and audio from the Internets, though I couldn't figure out how that was done (and I think it's illegal anyway.) But I'm just happy to merely watch (and hear) videos on it. It's missing the controls that allow you to save bandwidth by watching at lower resolution, but I'll just watch fewer videos to take care of that. I'm just glad to have my volume control back.

I'm not going to watch any right now because Colbert is on. I don't want to miss the show because he'll probably be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay within a few days. Goodbye, Steven. Goodbye, America.
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The rain has been intermittent today, providing a nice change from the constant patter. During the lulls I can hear the frogs much more clearly. I don't stay outside to listen for long though, because despite the air being merely chilly rather than cold there is almost always a breeze, and sometimes stiff wind, and the wind chill is murderous. This is one of those nights when I'm very glad the furnace is still working. There will probably be popcorn later, which will psychologically augment the furnace. Popcorn is always better on a chilly night. Or maybe it's the hot, melted butter.

I was going to write something encouraging today to mark (and counteract) the unwanted special occasion, but I've decided just to link to John Scalzi's New Year post. He says it better than I could: The New Year and the Bend of the Arc.


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