Jan. 29th, 2017

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Jan. 29th, 2017 08:15 pm
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Returning from the stores I noticed that the stream in the next arroyo west of my house was running swift and clear, even though the last rain was a few days ago and there is no snow to melt upstream. The springs that feed it must have been recharged by the weight of water soaking into the ground above them. There are probably frogs along that stream croaking right now, though I can't hear them. I hear the frogs in the smaller stream nearby to the east. I haven't been to look at that stream lately, but it must be fairly full, too. Here's hoping they will remain full through winter and into the spring.

Another interesting sight today was an enormous raven perched atop a pine tree in the parking lot at Safeway. It was making its guttural croaking call, which sounds rather like a basso profondo cricket. Parking lots (even those with tall pine trees in them) are not places one usually sees ravens, and I have no idea what this one was doing there. If I'd had more time I might have asked it (I have no idea how to sex a raven), as there are ravens who talk, but maybe it's just as well I didn't. It might have landed on my shoulder and crapped.

I also stopped at K-mart and bought a pair of pants with the surprise bonus points they gave me and less than four dollars more, including the sales tax. They are regular fit rather than relaxed, which I prefer, and wouldn't have been my first-choice pair, but they had only the one pair in my size— but then gift horse, mouth. I was also disappointed that they were out of Necco wafers. K-mart is the only store in town that sells them, and I always pick up a roll or two when I go there and was looking forward to them. I guess I can wait until next time, as they will be having their clearance sale of winter clothes soon, and I always try to get in there for that.

The next chance of rain has been pushed out from Wednesday to Thursday, but then there will be some chance for the succeeding few days. The least likely day to bring rain is Sunday, which gives me a good chance of not getting wet on my next trip to the store. I've been lucky so far this year and haven't gotten soaked once. There are no more entirely sunny days in the forecast, but I don't mind partly cloudy, and the clouds tend to keep the nights milder than they'd otherwise be, which is a good thing. But the persistent clouds mean that the few buds on my rose bushes, which have now been there for about a month, remain unlikely to bloom. I'm now thinking it's likely that they'll die without ever blooming. Too bad. January roses would have been an interesting novelty.

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Free OCR is a free online optical character reader, which will convert text in an image file into a .txt file which can be copied and pasted. I just discovered its existence tonight, and already find it useful. I took a screen shot of a page that had uncopyable text on it (in .gif form, in this case), saved the screen shot to Irfanview, then uploaded the image to Free OCR and in just a few seconds had the text file.


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