Feb. 5th, 2017


Feb. 5th, 2017 11:38 pm
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In the last hour the wind has grown fierce, and I fear an electrical outage may result. Despite the threat, the wind is quite invigorating, as was the low overcast of tumbling clouds that prevailed this afternoon. I managed to go shopping without getting soaked until leaving the last store, when a downpour drenched me as I was going to the car and putting my bags in it. I got soaked again when taking them from the car into the house, as the garage is stuffed with stuff belonging to a nephew, making it impossible to get the car indoors, and his derelict ruck parked in the driveway lengthens the trip between the car and the covered area. Five hours later my jacket is not yet entirely dry.

Days of this lie ahead, but I won't have to go out in it again this week, unless it is when I must put the wheelie bins out for the trash truck tomorrow. Maybe I'll catch a break and there'll be a break in the rain timed just right. There have been breaks in the rain tonight, but it's too soon to be taking wheelie bins out. Still the odds are not with me. Tomorrow is supposed to be the rainiest of the next five rainy days. I can easily imagine the rain continuing uninterrupted hour after hour from before dawn until the next day. This is not rare here.

But for now I get to stay indoors and listen to the gusts that make the pine trees moan, and the occasional spatter of wind-driven rain on my window. Indeed, I couldn't ask for a better night to be indoors— as long as the power stays on. I might even make myself some cocoa and have a slice of cake with it. Winter brings such luxury!

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