Feb. 22nd, 2017


Feb. 22nd, 2017 10:58 pm
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It has gotten very cold tonight. In fact it got cold enough this afternoon that the tail end of the rainstorm actually produced a couple of flurries of snow. The snow didn't stick, but it's very likely that the feral cats' water bowls will get frozen tonight, and for the next several nights. The next couple of days will probably stay dry, but there is now a possibility of rain on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Not much of a chance, and not much rain, but there it is. At least the cold is going to keep the Sierra snow pack fresh for another week or so. Sometime around the middle of next week the temperatures are supposed to start getting a bit higher again, both by day and by night. March might not start out very leonine this year.

My kitchen faucet remains unfixed (this has been somewhat of a pattern in my life— expect my funeral to take place some six months after I die) and so I'm going to make a simple dinner of soup again tonight. As I have no more rolls, I'm going to heat up a can of Progresso's Santa Fe Style Chicken, which will go well with some corn tortillas I've got left. It's very spicy, and will be well suited to this chilly night. This dinner is awfully late, though. I overslept and then got hug up on various Internets things again today. There's that pattern again.


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