Mar. 28th, 2017 10:00 pm
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There's a single-serving frozen lasagna in the oven, and I'll soon have to go fix the vegetable (asparagus), a salad and some garlic toast. The waste heat from the oven will be nice, too. I was able to have the windows open for a few hours this afternoon, but the day wasn't warm enough for the house to capture very much heat, and it's all gone now. Also I forgot to close one of the windows until fairly late. Portia was sitting on the sill enjoying the fresh air when I closed the others and I didn't want to disturb her pleasure, then I forgot to close it after she left it.

Tomorrow is predicted to be slightly cooler than today, so it remains to be seen if I'll be able to open the windows again. Thursday's rain has been reduced to a 50% chance of overnight showers which will end early in the morning, but the day will remain cool so my next chance of open windows won't be until Friday. Saturday is predicted to be quite warm, so the house will get a good freshening then. More rain is predicted late next week. I do hope it arrives, as that will stave off the day I have to start watering the yard.

It was oddly quiet outside today. Despite the mildness there were no bees about, and few birds. I haven't been out to listen for frogs yet this evening. Ah, but there goes the oven timer. Back to the kitchen. The frogs can wait.
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