Aug. 22nd, 2017 11:53 pm
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I can't believe it was April 8 when I got my LJ entries archived here, and I haven't done the crossposting thing yet. Now I can't fetch LJ because of some crap going on there (error pages every time I try to reach it) so I'm doing this. But as I can't reach LJ itself, I doubt if the crossposting thing will be able to do what it does. It probably won't be able to fetch LJ either.

At least I've got everything I wrote before April 8 here, if LJ is finally going kaput.


Apr. 8th, 2017 05:25 pm
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There was more rain than expected today, but the sun came out a while ago, and though we didn't get a sun shower the warmth caused the water on the rooftops to vaporize and drift back toward the remaining clouds. The downspout was still trickling loudly for a while, too, and all the leaves were decked with drops of water glistening in the bright light. The vegetation's hoarded raindrops continued falling for quite a while, their drumming slowly diminished until now only an occasional drip is heard.

Now the remaining clouds are gleaming white wherever the sunlight hits them, but still dark and brooding on their shaded undersides. The amount of open sky is growing, and that is what will bring a very chilly night. I expect we'll be seeing some stars tonight, though they will be dimmed by the presence of a waxing gibbous moon which is very nearly full. I'll listen for frogs when I go out to see it. They undoubtedly enjoyed the rain. The feral cats will be glad it's over.
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Currently exporting this journal to Dreamwidth as a backup. I hope posting here right now doesn't screw up their importing process. The user name flying_blind was already taken there, so I'm using my LJ handle rejectomorph instead. I like to picture all my 16 years of trivial crap coming through the cables all the way from Moscow and being monitored by intelligence services in Russia and Britain and the U.S. along the way. I hope the agents stuck with the job of looking at it don't get too bored. Hi, Yuri. Hi, Neville. Hi, Tenisha. Have a nice day/night.

More Rain

Apr. 7th, 2017 10:02 pm
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There was one of those moments this afternoon when the clouds grow thin but don't open completely and the gray day grows brighter as the veil the sunlight must penetrate turns gossamer. For a moment I expected the sun might break through completely and we would get a sun shower, but the clouds thickened instead and everything darkened. Ah, well, there are enough rainy days coming up that we still have a pretty good chance of getting a sun shower or two.

The temperature is supposed to drop another seven degrees tomorrow, and tomorrow night will drop pretty close to freezing, but then it will warm up again pretty fast. Still, it won't be getting out of the fifties or low sixties for the foreseeable future— unless the forecast changes, of course, which this time of year it is very likely to do.

Right now the rain is still falling, and the air smells of wet pine and grass. On of the feral cats is sleeping in the cupboard on the back porch, and the other is sleeping on the counter next to the sink. Staying out of the rain is obviously a priority for them. It's a priority for me, too, these days, but I can remember when I would revel in walking in the rain. How annoyingly irritable aging has made me.


Apr. 6th, 2017 10:04 pm
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It has been raining ever since I woke up this morning, but the wind didn't start picking up until after nightfall. It's getting quite blustery now, and raindrops are periodically drumming against the window panes. I can hear the pine trees moaning. The next time I go out back I expect to see the back porch wet from end to end. I hope the feral kitties are staying dry.

What I'm wondering is how has the Internet managed to stay connected, when it has been so erratic for the last few days? I would expect it to get worse when the cables are wet, which is what happened in the past. But so far I haven't had a single interruption today. But since I don't want to take chances with a power outage zapping the computer, I'm not going to take advantage of the reliable connection. It's time to shut down. I hope to still have both electricity and Internet tomorrow. Tonight I'm just going to watch television.


Apr. 5th, 2017 09:03 pm
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It is taking hours to put together my shopping list this week. Safeway's web site has gotten seriously slow. I mean like 1995 dial-up slow, but with a 2017 web site full of bandwidth-hogging graphics and crap. I hope I can finish the list by Sunday. I know I won't finish it tonight because I've got Interwebs fatigue, and want to go watch television.

The clouds for tomorrow's rainstorm have begun moving in, but the wind hasn't picked up yet. It's not supposed to get really strong until tomorrow afternoon, but there is usually some preliminary stirring. The cold air has not yet arrived, either, but soon will, and then will stick around for ten days or so. Only Sunday and Monday are predicted to be rainless, with another set of storms moving in next Tuesday and continuing at least into Friday. The lawns will be burgeoning, I'm sure. They are already past the point at which they ought to have been mowed.

This will be another of those nights when I'm in danger of falling asleep too early. I've been up since before dawn, and it's really starting to show.

Oh, another page of the Safeway ad has appeared. I'll look at it than shut this thing down.

Calm Before

Apr. 4th, 2017 09:00 pm
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The latest weather advisory is a high wind watch. It's supposed to start Thursday and continue through Saturday afternoon, at times bringing sustained winds of 40 MPH with gusts up to 60 MPH. That's pretty impressive, especially since it's going to be wet. Goodbye, trees! Goodbye, power lines! Well, maybe it won't be that bad. Right now the weather web site I use isn't loading its 10-day forecast, so the only details I've got are those in the weather bureau's advisory, but I'm going to be optimistic and pretend I can survive.

I'm sure I'll survive tonight, as it just now dipped below 60 degrees, and the air is perfectly still—if you don't count any vibrations set up by all the croaking frogs. It's warmer here right now than all but one of the other places the weather web site lists across the top of its page: New York, Boston, London, Chicago, San Francisco. The one place that's warmer is Houston, which is at 74.6 degrees. I'm so glad I'm not in Houston. I'll bet it's muggy there, too.

Both of my lilac bushes have started to bloom, just in time to get soaked and blown about, not to mention severely chilled on that night that's supposed to get down into the mid-30s. I believe the same thing happened last year, which is why most of the flowers died then, and their withered, brittle, brown corpses have stuck around ever since. The bees will be disappointed, if there are any bees.

It's likely that I just ruined my dinner by snacking on peanuts. I got started and just couldn't stop. I shouldn't keep a jar of peanuts in my room, and then I wouldn't be tempted. But I have poor judgment. And I have candy bars, too, so maybe I should feel good about grabbing the peanuts instead of one of those. Anyway, the approaching storm will wash away all my sins so I'm not going to worry about it. Not until a tree falls on my house and traps me. Then I'll wish I'd saved those peanuts.
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The shopping is done, and half the grocery money for the month is gone. I know, I was shocked, too, especially since I didn't buy all that much. Sale prices just aren't as low as they used to be. Maybe I ought to try to trap that gopher who is digging up my back lawn. The cats obviously don't want to eat it, and I could use a bit more protein myself.

It probably would have been okay to have my windows open for a while today, even though it was cooler than the last couple of days, but I was so busy getting ready to go to the stores that I totally forgot. The next two days are supposed to be about as mild, so I can probably get some more fresh air into the house before the next rainstorm arrives Thursday. It is now predicted to bring considerable rain for two days running, and moderate amounts the next three days. The plants are saved, for now.

Next Saturday night is expected to get almost wintry, dropping down into the mid-30s. After the warm days we've had lately, though, that will be a nice change. I don't much like 35 degrees in January, but for one night in April it can be refreshing. Also the cold and damp is going to postpone the pollen. My nose would like to thank the jet stream for its assistance.

Because of the shopping trip my schedule is a bit out of whack. I think I'm missing something I was going to watch on television, but I also have dinner to make and the wheelie bins have to go out for tomorrow's trash collection. Something will have to give. It will be Internets.


Apr. 2nd, 2017 08:42 pm
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Other than the persistent breeze, which rarely ceased, today was pretty much the same as yesterday. It was more like yesterday than I wanted, in fact, as my shopping trip had to be canceled and I stayed home all day. I'll go tomorrow instead. But that means that the dinner I was going to have tonight is still stuck in the store— or, worse, has been bought by someone else is is now being devoured by them! Sure, I'll get a different copy of the same thing tomorrow, but it won't really be the same. Tonight's dinner is gone forever, and I cant help feeling just a bit resentful.

Though I'm a bit hungrier than resentful, as I'm having a hard time deciding what to eat instead. The stuff I have on hand is all more of the same stuff that I had earlier this week, and I was ready for something different. I wasn't intending to have any repeats for a couple of days yet. Missing a shopping trip doesn't usually lead to such a conundrum, but the nephew has been around raiding my larder quite a bit recently, and I've run out of several things, severely limiting my choices. Times like this I wish I was a cannibal. Then I could just slaughter and eat the nephew. There'd be and awful lot of leftovers, though, he's grown so fat on his scrounged food.

Ah, well. I can always boil some pasta. I'm sure I've got some olive oil and Parmesan cheese to put on it. There won't be much to go with it, though, and I'm out of beer so nothing to wash it down with but fruit juice and sparkling water. There is some vodka stashed away of course, so maybe I'll just drink and pass out. Good to know I have options.

Sunday Verse )

Mild Again

Apr. 1st, 2017 08:16 pm
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Two happy feral cats napped in the back yard all the balmy afternoon, and I had the windows open for hours. They only had to be closed half an hour ago, just before I went out to refill the cats' water bowls. One of the cats lounged on the porch, observing me, and the other scampered about, clearly well-rested and ready for play. I'm not fast enough for cat play these days, but he didn't seem to mind. He was content to make a few attack runs at my shoes, then scamper up the trunk of the walnut tree.

The cats aren't doing a very good job of protecting the landscape from small rodents, who have been digging here and there for the last few days. I saw five fresh gopher holes in the lawn, and I'm thinking maybe I feed the cats too well. If they were a bit hungrier they might decide that a gopher would be a tasty snack. For the time being I probably shouldn't walk across the lawn after nightfall, lest I step in a hole and turn an ankle.

As dusk arrived a woodpecker was talking to me. Well, it was probably talking to the other woodpeckers, but as I was in the neighborhood I decided to eavesdrop. I couldn't understand a word of its chatter, but enjoyed listening nonetheless. Soon the bird went off to bed down for the night, and all I could hear was the frogs. It has cooled off rapidly, but it is still rather mild compared to just a few nights ago, and I expect the nocturnal beasts of all sorts will enjoy it. The wind has died down, too, and the air barely moves enough to stir the soft leaves of the oaks.

This pleasant state is predicted to last for a few days, and then there could be a sudden return of cooler days and chilly nights and some rain. That could continue for several days starting Thursday, and if the weather doesn't change its mind I won't have to concern myself with watering the yard very soon. And while I didn't have to do any sneezing today, but the fruitless mulberry tree is getting its blossoms, and those always set me off. They might do so by tomorrow. If so, at least I'll get a couple of hours away from them while I go shopping.

I slept too little last night and had no nap today, so I expect I'll be falling asleep on the couch with the television on almost as soon as I finish eating something. My life these days is just full of a lack of surprises. I'd say that's a good thing, on the whole. At my age the most likely surprise would be something like a stroke. I don't intend to complain about the monotony.


Mar. 31st, 2017 09:50 pm
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It grew quite breezy today, and though the air was not warm enough to let me keep my windows open, it was warm enough to coax the scent from the pine trees and fill the afternoon with their coniferous aroma. But, happily, the vegetation must not yet be spewing any pollen, as I didn't sneeze. I expect that to start any day now, though. Spring gives me such mixed feelings. The days can be so pleasant, the landscape is full of fresh green growth, and the plants begin to generate their colorful blossoms, but my face can turn even more colorful once the allergens kick in. I have to enjoy the fresh scents while I can, because my nose will soon be getting stuffed up.

I had hoped to get the shopping done today, but it was not to be. There was one particular bargain on the Friday sale that I wanted very much. But it was not something necessary, so maybe it's just as well. Not getting it will mean more money for stuff I actually need. April brings a quarterly expense in the form of the trash collection bill, and the power bill isn't always sufficiently smaller to offset it.

It is inevitable that the lawns will have to be mowed soon. Also there are foxtails growing in the rose bed that will have to be pulled up before they get too bog. It's best to pull them while the earth is still a bit damp. I might have to get to them tomorrow, as the much warmer day is going to dry things out pretty fast. If I don't, it's likely that I'll have to water the bed just to loosen them up, and I'd hate to waste water on weeds that will get pulled the next day.

Portia has decided to nap on the desk, right next to my keyboard, and keeps inching herself in my direction, which is making the letters at the left end hard to use. Her medium-length fur keeps covering some of them. The Q and W are not much of a loss, but I use the A a lot. Well, it's about time for me to go microwave a burrito anyway, and I'm sure there's something on television that I should be watching. Plus my bum is getting sore from sitting in this chair. Goodnight, LiveJournal. Watch out for April Fool's Day.

Wet Dream

Mar. 30th, 2017 10:54 pm
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Last night I had a very strange dream. All I remember from it is seeing that a large pool of water had formed in my back yard. The water was clear and rippling and under it I could see the silvery metallic forms of some large pipes and other gear. In my dream brain I suddenly realized that the leach lines of my septic system had collapsed and this pool was the result. This is absurd, of course, as there are no pipes or machinery in leach lines, and the pool wasn't even in the same spot as the leach field, which would never collapse three or four feet deep anyway, and the last thing that would appear in such a hole if it did develop would be perfectly clear water. It was the strangest dream image I've had in ages. I have no idea where it came from.

My waking day was nowhere near as interesting. I fed cats, surfed Internets, ate a donut and some peanuts and drank some orange juice and some coffee and ate nothing resembling a lunch. I tidied some stuff up, too, but can't remember what. All I know is that I tidied. It will come back to me later, I suppose. Reality has less and less of a purchase on my mind (or vice versa, I suppose) as time goes on.

Now I have to heat up a can of soup that I decided would be dinner, since I don't feel like cooking anything again. It is supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow, so maybe I can open the windows again, but if not then I can definitely do so on Saturday,which will be quite toasty. No more rain is predicted until a week from tomorrow. That might change, of course, but if it doesn't then I'll be forced to do some irrigation along about Monday. If that dream pool would really form I could quit worrying about the cost of water and just freely irrigate the whole yard from it.

Since switching to the new computer and an updated, Chrome-based version of Opera I've been getting a lot of "Out of memory" notices from Opera. I reset something, but it still happens. This computer actually has several times as much memory as the old one, on which I never got that notice. I suspect a quirk of Windows 7 or of Chrome-based Opera. Whatever is causing it it's very annoying, and I wish it would stop.

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Internet overflowed and drowned me.

Rain is supposed to start falling any time now. The weather radar map shows a huge mass of clouds approaching. The rain will drown out the frog songs, but rain is nice to listen to too, so I can't complain. I intend to eat something very soon, as I've forgotten to do that for several hours.

Still dazed and confused from following links. I'd have been better off with link sausages.


Mar. 28th, 2017 10:00 pm
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There's a single-serving frozen lasagna in the oven, and I'll soon have to go fix the vegetable (asparagus), a salad and some garlic toast. The waste heat from the oven will be nice, too. I was able to have the windows open for a few hours this afternoon, but the day wasn't warm enough for the house to capture very much heat, and it's all gone now. Also I forgot to close one of the windows until fairly late. Portia was sitting on the sill enjoying the fresh air when I closed the others and I didn't want to disturb her pleasure, then I forgot to close it after she left it.

Tomorrow is predicted to be slightly cooler than today, so it remains to be seen if I'll be able to open the windows again. Thursday's rain has been reduced to a 50% chance of overnight showers which will end early in the morning, but the day will remain cool so my next chance of open windows won't be until Friday. Saturday is predicted to be quite warm, so the house will get a good freshening then. More rain is predicted late next week. I do hope it arrives, as that will stave off the day I have to start watering the yard.

It was oddly quiet outside today. Despite the mildness there were no bees about, and few birds. I haven't been out to listen for frogs yet this evening. Ah, but there goes the oven timer. Back to the kitchen. The frogs can wait.


Mar. 27th, 2017 09:01 pm
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It looks like I might be able to have the windows open for a while tomorrow afternoon. It was still too chilly today, though it was pleasant enough outside in the sunlight. The shade was still a bit off-putting. The cats agreed with me, and spent the afternoon napping in sunny spots among the rapidly growing plants that line the fence. They are now sporting lots of little purple flowers (the plants, not the cats.) Tomorrow they'll probably show a preference for the shady spots (the cats, not the plants.)

I'm hoping I won't have to change my next appointment with the chiropractor for an earlier date. It isn't until the eleventh, but my lower back started aching a couple of days ago and isn't getting better. I probably should have gotten an appointment three weeks after my last one instead of four, given that I hadn't had an adjustment for about three months at that time. At least it's my lower back that's bothering me this time. It's usually my neck, so it's a change— not a pleasant change, but a change anyway, and a bit of variety is nice now and then.

The backache makes sitting at the computer extra tedious, so I'm done here for now. There's a can of soup and a telera roll waiting for me anyway, and I don't want to disappoint them. Then I can lie down on the couch and take the pressure off of my back.


Mar. 26th, 2017 09:01 pm
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All day it was overcast, but the rain didn't arrive until late afternoon. While the light lasted drops glittered on new leaves and blades of grass, but soon all was swallowed by darkness. Now the rain is all sound, a soft dropping and the trickle of the downspouts. The air barely moves. I could listen for hours, but won't. Back to the lit house and the warmth flowing up from the furnace grates. The hearth of the television beckons. I will watch someone else's world while reality drizzles and the ground soaks up the pooling lifeblood for next month's flowers. I will see them then, no need to listen to this universal intimacy.

Sunday Verse )
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The shopping is done, and since it is Saturday and next week looks rainless, it's likely to be eight days before I go again. I didn't buy very much, as my budget was getting a bit thin this late in the month, and there wasn't very much stuff I liked on sale at either store, but I think that with what I already have on hand I can get through eight days without starving (full disclosure— with what I have on hand I could actually eat myself sick and gain an inch or more around my waist in eight days, as what I have on hand is very heavy on carbohydrates and fat.) What I'll probably run out of is ice cream, and maybe cheese. I hope the butter holds out, too. I'm hoping all three of these will be on sale somewhere next week.

It got almost balmy today, and the clouds that piled up over the mountains were pleasant to look at— though they did make me crave whipped cream (another thing nobody had on sale this week.) This evening the frogs are in full voice, so their stream must still be flowing nicely. I haven't been over to see it, even though it is only a few hundred feet east of my house, but I did see the streams in the arroyo to the west on my way too and from the market. One of them is actually more of a narrow ditch than a real stream, but both it and the larger natural stream on the other edge of the arroyo are flowing swiftly.

Tomorrow there is to be more rain, and the forecast now predicts possible rain on Thursday as well. The normal changeability of April is showing up early, with cool clear days, cool cloudy days, chilly rainy days, and warm sunny days jumbled together for the next week. The mixture might continue after that. I certainly hope it does. I do love some variety in spring, to drive the memory of winter's monotony from my mind and give me something pleasant to remember when summer's monotony arrives.

I hope everybody had a nice Downfall of Sauron Day.
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The rain today got vigorous at times, and there were periods of blustery wind, but on the whole this has been a fairly tame storm. Of course it might have been more intense this morning, but I overslept and missed whatever was happening then. Since no trees fell over and we got no power outages, I don't really care. It's likely we won't be having any more big storms such as we had earlier this month. Spring's storms do tend toward gentility.

It's somewhat more likely than not that I'll go shopping tomorrow, which will be in between storms. The one due Sunday probably won't amount to much, and after that the forecast predicts seven straight dry days, all of them clear except for Wednesday and Thursday, which could be partly cloudy. It's looking very, very springy ahead. I wonder how much longer I'll have a frog chorus to listen to? If I could, I'd order up a rainstorm a week through May, just to make sure the frogs had plenty of water to keep them singing.

And speaking of water this month's water bill arrived, and I discovered that I had forgotten to pay it last month. No wonder there was more money in my bank account than I'd expected. Now I've got a double bill to pay (plus a late fee of seventy cents, which is quite reasonable for a utility company late fee), and won't be able to sneak out a few extra bucks for some extra groceries. Well, it's time to cross that pie off the shopping list, for one thing, and some stuff I was going to get a regular prices because I'm out of them will have to wait until they are on sale again. Be patient, sweet pickle relish. Your turn will come.

Sadly, the English murder show our PBS affiliate has been running on Fridays isn't on tonight, thanks to beg-a-thon programming, so I'll have to make do with something else. I can always count on the Hallmark Murder & Glurge Channel to provide me with sad, sloppy American murders, but they are almost always reruns I've already seen so many times that they've lost what little edge they had to begin with. I ought to see if I can pick up a few books for occasions like this. I have quite a few, but they are stuck in boxes in my garage, and it would be a huge hassle to dig them out. Especially since it's pretty cold tonight and the garage isn't insulated. I guess I'll just make some popcorn and watch Jessica Fletcher solving some murder for the twentieth time.


Mar. 23rd, 2017 11:35 pm
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Just saw a tiny spider creep down my wall. I wonder if it enjoys its life here? Does it have a web somewhere that I can't see? What does it eat? Are there insects so tiny that I don't notice them but the spider does, and that's what it traps and devours? What would this house look like to me if I were as small as that spider? How long would it take tiny me to get from here to the kitchen to get a snack? Would I become a snack for the spider myself if I was that small? And why didn't I remember to check the store web sites and make out my shopping list today?

I must need sleep.
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When gaps began appearing in the clouds late this afternoon I hoped we might see a good sunset, but then I got hung up on the Internets, lost track of time, and didn't remember check the sky, so I have no idea what it was like. I do know that the rain appears to be over for now, and unlikely to return until Friday. Today was also less windy than predicted, so my back porch didn't get soaked after all. I'm less certain of the fate of the mail I've again forgotten to pick up. I'll try to remember to check it as soon as I'm done here, and hope it isn't too damp.

It's now looking like Saturday could be my best chance to go shopping without getting caught in the rain, but I don't know if I'll be able to arrange transportation. If not, maybe I'll get lucky and Sunday afternoon won't be too wet. Considering how rainy this season has been, my luck has been good so far. I think I got caught in only one downpour, and the car was not too far from the supermarket door, and the load of groceries small enough to be stashed in the trunk quickly. But then I had to sit in the car for a few minutes waiting for the rain to ease up after I got home, so I wouldn't be washed away trying to get from the car to the house. That was an intense cloudburst. The coming storm probably won't produce anything so violent.

But I have to get on with things now. I still haven't fixed anything for dinner, and the cookies I ate to stave off a blood sugar crash are wearing off. It's going to be microwave night again. Most nights are microwave nights anymore. If I were Catholic I'd have to light a candle for whatever saint is the patron of the Microwave. I'd surely be in dire straits without it.


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